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New Students

Feeling apprehensive or a little intimidated about trying Pilates? Many people feel that way initially, but don’t let it stop you from coming to us! Joseph Pilates designed his exercises to be modified to the ability of the student.

Whether you are in a private session or a small group class, a professionally trained instructor will guide you through the Authentic Pilates exercises with meticulous attention to form and precision. As a result, you will develop strength and flexibility in a safe and careful way. If you are a beginner, your instructor will make sure you feel comfortable at your own level. You will be amazed at the progress you’ll make!

What to expect during your first visit

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that can stretch with you. You may go barefoot or wear non-skid socks during your lesson. We carry several varieties of Pilates socks for purchase.

What will my Pilates instructor need to know about me?

If you are taking a private lesson, your instructor will have a brief consultation with you prior to the lesson to review your health history and concerns. Your instructor may ask you further questions to get a better understanding of any injuries or surgeries you may have had to tailor your workout. If you are attending a group lesson, it is important for you to share this information with your instructor as well.

What should I be prepared for during my Pilates session?

Your instructor will guide you through various exercises. Sometimes this will involve touching you to manipulate your body’s movements and/or achieve proper alignment. Please be advised that there may be other instructors working with their clients during your time at the studio.

How often should I do Pilates?

As with any exercise program, your body will benefit most from frequent and regular practice. We suggest participating in lessons two to three times a week.