About Us

“Bring us your body, and we will make it better.”

From the mid-1920s through the late 1970s, Joseph Pilates and his wife, Clara, taught their method of exercise in New York City.  Even now, their approach is considered way ahead of its time in improving posture, strength, and flexibility in everyone and anyone. Their clients were beginners, intermediate, and advanced students, many of whom had physical abnormalities to overcome, and many who were athletes and dancers. Whoever they were, these people had custom programs designed for them to address their issues and to further strengthen and heal their bodies.

Unexpectedly, many of Joseph and Clara’s clients went on to become teachers of the Pilates Method and to open studios of their own. One such person was Romana Kryzanowska, who was Joseph Pilates’s original protégée. During her life, Romana was world renowned as an instructor and teacher of teachers.

It was under her tutelage that our Senior Master Teacher, Master Teacher, and some of our instructors, received their training. Under Romana’s careful eye, teachers from all over the world learned the Authentic Pilates work as taught to her by Joseph Pilates. Those who received this training understand the gift they have been entrusted with— to teach and pass on this original system of full body exercise. Using a variety of pieces of equipment invented by Joseph Pilates, we, too, carry on this work.

We were told Joseph Pilates would say,

“Bring us your body, and we will make it better.”