Elisa Romeo

Elisa has been in the health and fitness world for most of her life. She was an avid athlete competing in biathlons and triathlons and was a group fitness instructor.  She is a dental health professional and a certified integrative health coach and has a strong passion for the health and wellness world. 

After years of different exercise regimes, Elisa started to experience low back pain and an old knee injury began to limit the type of exercise she could do without pain. She was familiar with Pilates from years of attending different Pilates programs.  She knew classical Pilates was what she felt most comfortable with and wanted to learn more.  She also knew she wanted to find the right form of exercise that made her feel good and allow her to stay strong and fit for the rest of her life.

She discovered Authentic Pilates Learning Center and never turned back.  Once she started doing Pilates on a regular basis, she noticed a big improvement in her low back pain and knee discomfort.  Now she wants to share the benefits she has felt from Pilates. She looks forward to spreading her love of Pilates and helping others get healthy and stay fit.