Jessie Lee

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As a trilingual translator, Jessie spent most of her time in front of a computer, and poor posture, back pain and neck ache, which at times were disabling, have been a “constant and unavoidable part of job”.

After realizing the accelerating pace of deterioration in her core strength as she neared the big “50”, she tried various exercise regimes and discovered Pilates.

She soon realized how Pilates contributed immensely to greater ease and strength in daily activities, and it became almost a necessity for her to seek deeper knowledge in Pilates to ensure physical freedom and integrity in years to come. 

She soon learned that Pilates instructors she preferred in local studios had a common denominator: They were classical Pilates instructors trained at Authentic Pilates Learning Center. It did not take long for her to follow suit and join the teacher training program, and she says that this is where she gained a “User Manual for Your Body”. 

Now an avid Pilates believer, she is hoping to deepen her knowledge and spread the joy of having the physical strength to sustain daily lives free of pain, heaviness and discomfort.