Heesang Choe

Watch in Korean 

Fifteen years ago, Heesang discovered her passion for Pilates, setting the stage for a transformative journey. Commencing her teaching career in 2017, she continued her learning as she delved into the nuances of Pilates under the expert guidance of Erica Almodovar and Gwenn Wierzbicki at Authentic Pilates Learning Center.

Heesang’s foundation in movement began as a rhythmic gymnast in her early years, evolving into a commitment to Modern Dance with a major at HangYang University in Korea, specializing in Human Anatomy, Chiropractic studies, and Massage. Furthering her expertise, she pursued a master’s degree at GongJu University as she started her teaching career in dance arts. These studies were designed to fortify and enhance the performance of athletes and dancers alike, laying the groundwork for her holistic approach to Pilates instruction.

Driven by a profound commitment to enhancing individuals’ well-being, her enthusiasm as a Pilates instructor stems from guiding others to achieve proper form and posture. She firmly advocates Pilates as the ultimate exercise for rectifying and refining body posture.