Dana Calandrillo

Dana has over a decade of experience teaching and training the integral principles of yoga and Pilates. She first discovered the power of Pilates at her local gym. With encouragement from her admired teacher, she began her studies of Pilates with IM=X and was teaching by 2006.

It wasn’t until after a skiing accident and ACL repair in 2011 that her Pilates and yoga teaching paths would cross. Dana discovered the transformative and vital benefits both the traditional and modern movement modalities offer with combined physical therapy on a reformer and the shape-shifting balance of yoga practice. This motivated her to pursue the study of yoga, ultimately becoming an E-RYT500 yoga teacher. In 2014, she opened a yoga and Pilates studio, leading classes and an RYS200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Training certifying yoga teachers.

In realizing her true passion for teaching, she decided to step away from studio ownership in 2021 to focus on her continued education, and completion of the comprehensive and classical methodology of Pilates with the renowned Authentic Pilates Learning Center in Mahwah, NJ. Daily, Dana learns new and insightful aspects of the body in motion while working with clients or observing the esteemed teachers with whom she has the pleasure of working, or in self-discovery by applying the Pilates Method and yogic philosophy.

Dana now combines teaching classical Pilates and the breath-centered mindfulness of yoga to develop clients’ mind-body abilities with a mind for healthy musculoskeletal function, proportion, and the daily activities these abilities will enhance.