Marisa Roberto

Despite her eclectic mix of academic accomplishments, Marisa is at heart a Jersey Girl and self-proclaimed “Mama Bear.”  She earned her bachelors from the University of Notre Dame in psychology and subsequently went on to earn a masters degree in speech language pathology from Harvard’s MGH institute of Health in Boston. A few years later, she followed her love of animals by earning a doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Pennsylvania.
After practicing as a local veterinarian, Marisa decided to take a break from her profession, focus on family life, and raise her two young children. It was during that time that she discovered Pilates. She first decided to try Pilates in order to find balance and restore muscle strength after suffering from a neck and shoulder injury. Pilates did just that and more. She quickly became hooked on how empowered Pilates made her feel, both physically and mentally. The experience was so positive that she decided to pursue her Pilates certification in order to teach others this wonderful technique of personal fitness. She is currently completing her classical Pilates education through our own Authentic Pilates Learning Center.

When Marisa is not at the studio you can find her at home reading a book, playing with her two Goldendoodles, watching her kids on the baseball field, or at the beach in South Carolina with her family!