Rebecca Sarnicola

Rebecca is a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast and has worked as a fitness professional for the past 15 years. She took her first Pilates session more than 10 years ago, and has not only practiced consistently since then, but has channeled her passion for Pilates into a rewarding career. Rebecca received her classical certification through AlyceaUngaro’s Real Pilates in NYC with 1000+ hours, including continuing education credits.

Previously, Rebecca was a ballroom instructor and competitor certified in International and American Style. She worked for both Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray Dance Studios before becoming a marketing strategist in the fitness, health and wellness industries. As a marathon runner certified in Floor Aerobics (AAAI), Zumba, and TRX, she combines her knowledge and passion for fitness and dance with her deep respect for the original Pilates Method. She is dedicated to spreading wellness, mindful self-care, and happiness through Classical Pilates, just as Joe intended.